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Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Guideline For Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury & Prolonged Symptoms

3rd Edition, for Adults over 18 years of age

Evaluation of Second Edition

The Second Edition of the guideline was evaluated to ensure that any gaps/areas of improvement were addressed. To complete this evaluation sports medicine and military physicians who participated in the pilot project in 2012 on the First Edition of the guideline were contacted, as they were most likely familiar with the guideline. An online survey was developed by the executive committee on areas including: content, format and barriers to use. A majority of responders noted that the guideline did help to facilitate patient care, including using the resources for patient education and the treatment of prolonged symptoms. There were no reported barriers to use of the guideline; however those who did not endorse using the guideline cited not having a copy as the reason. Algorithms, patient handouts and reference guides were reported as the most frequently used tools; however it was important that tools and resources were created to be more printer friendly. More specific information regarding pharmacological treatment was noted as an important aspect to include in the updated guideline.