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Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Guideline For Concussion/Mild Traumatic Brain Injury & Prolonged Symptoms

3rd Edition, for Adults over 18 years of age

Expert Input

Throughout the guideline development process, the Executive Committee sought the input and expertise of a broad range of experts from clinical, provider and scientific domains and personal experience with concussion.

A patient focus group identified needed areas of information and resources as well as formatting needs. Members of this group later reviewed the patient version of the guideline, along with many other people currently living with persistent symptoms, and those who had recently had symptoms.

The expert consensus panel included medical and allied health clinicians, service providers, knowledge translation experts, and association representatives. Please refer to the Executive Committee and Expert Panel for more information on the experts and disciplines involved.

The guideline development team (Executive) led the preparation of each section. We’d also like to acknowledge the special contributors to the following sections:

Diagnosis/Assessment of Concussion/mTBI

Pierre Frémont and Catherine Varner

Initial Management of Concussion/mTBI

Michael Ellis and Pierre Frémont

Sport-Related Concussion/mTBI

Mark Bayley and Neil Dilworth

General Recommendations Regarding Diagnosis/Assessment of Persistent Symptoms

Deanna Quon and Mark Bayley

General Recommendations Regarding Management of Persistent Symptoms

Deanna Quon and Mark Bayley

Post-Traumatic Headache

Sleep-Wake Disturbances

Marie-Christine Ouellet and Catherine Wiseman-Hakes

Mental Health Disorders

Scott McCullagh, Robert van Reekum & Diana Velikonja

Cognitive Difficulties

Laura Rees

Vestibular (Balance/ Dizziness) & Vision Dysfunction

John Rutka & Martin Ten Hove


Marie-Christine Ouellet & Catherine Wiseman-Hakes

Return-to-Activity / Work / School Considerations

Aaron Thompson