Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Clinical Practice Guideline

For the rehabilitation of Adults with Moderate to Severe TBI

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Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation (ONF) is a non-profit organization funded by the Ontario government that works to prevent neurotrauma, and ensure Ontarians with spinal cord and brain injuries lead full, productive lives. ONF is the leader in moving research to evidence-informed health practices that improve the quality of life and health outcomes. Through collaborations and partnerships ONF connects healthcare practitioners, researchers, policymakers and stakeholders including those living with neurotrauma to the information they need to make positive changes in health practices, outcomes and policies.

Through the Acquired Brain Injury Program, ONF achieves its goals to provide evidence-informed practice knowledge to our stakeholders, including knowledge transfer, educational initiatives, the development of clinical practice guidelines and standards that can impact individuals, organizations and systems of care.  This work, in addition to targeted research initiatives and the study of health services promotes and facilitates improvements to quality of care, practice and outcomes in the area of brain injury.

Institut national d'excellence en santÚ et en services sociaux

The Institut national d'excellence en santÚ et en services sociaux (INESSS) is a governmental organization under the authority of the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services (MSSS) whose mission is to promote clinical excellence and the efficient use of resources in the health and social services sector.  At the heart of its mission, INESSS assesses the clinical advantages and the costs of the technologies, medications and interventions used in personal health care and social services.  It issues recommendations concerning their adoption, use and coverage by the public health system, and develops clinical practice guidelines in order to foster their optimal use.

INESSS implements its mission in traumatology through a specialized and dedicated Trauma Unit, whose mission is to oversee the continuous monitoring and evaluation of the provincial continuum of care and services in traumatology.  The Trauma Unit also promotes and facilitates the improvement of care and services through the development of clinical tools and protocols, the support of knowledge transfer initiatives and the collaboration with research projects in the field of service organization and optimization.