Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation

Clinical Practice Guideline

For the rehabilitation of Adults with Moderate to Severe TBI

Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation INESSS


The Evidence-Based Review of Moderate to Severe Acquired Brain Injury (ERABI) is an evidence-based review of the literature for rehabilitation or rehabilitation-related interventions for acquired brain injury (ABI). The principle of the ERABI is to improve the quality of ABI rehabilitation by synthesizing the current literature into a utilizable format and laying the foundation for effective knowledge transfer to improve programs and services.

The Evidence-Based Review of Moderate to Severe Acquired Brain Injury (ERABI) was designed to comprehensively review current practices in acquired brain injury (ABI) rehabilitation with the aim of:

  1. Identifying effective treatment interventions;

  2. Identifying gaps in the literature deserving further research and;

  3. Serving as an accessible tool for clinicians in an effort to encourage evidence-based practice.

The ERABI is the result of an enormous amount of work and dedication, involving reviews of over 35,000 titles, with 7,000 abstracts undergoing a more careful assessment.  As of 2016, ERABI was in its 10th Edition and includes 19 Modules.  The 10th edition includes over 800 articles that have been carefully reviewed, analyzed and summarized into tables.

This project is a joint effort involving the participation of Allied Health Professionals, physicians across Ontario and the Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation.